Monetize your app, connect with your audience and grow your user base.

LOCALLY publisher tools enable sophisticated location intelligence and enable location-based marketing via real-time geofencing, Bluetooth beacons, and even WiFi all inside your mobile app.
Our powerful AI and machine learning turn anonymized mobile information into detailed and valuable customer behavioral profiles.

How the SDK Works:

Simply integrate the LOCALLY SDK into your app. Refer to our developer section for step-by-step instructions for iOs and Android.

Access audience profiles

Your app starts detecting anonymous user data that is passed to our data cloud for analysis, creating behavior profiles.

Monetize without ads

Brands & advertisers buy and use behavior profiles to better understand their audiences, creating a new revenue stream for you.

How App Publishers Benefit From Integrating

Monetize your mobile app without ads
Adding our SDK creates an additional revenue stream for you. Monetize your data = monetize your app. It’s that simple. No advertisements needed.
Grow your customer base
Gaining deeper insight into how and where your app is used allows for customization in your app. A more personal experience increases user engagement, improves user experiences and ultimately grows your customer base.
Optimize & improve your app
Understanding your users’ mobile behaviors and preferences means you know what your customers want, giving you the insight and tools to optimize your app accordingly, and improve app retention.
Engage & interact in real-time, in location
Create personalized notifications and interact with your audiences real-time based on attributes and location. Deliver the right message at the right time and the right place.

How you benefit from the LOCALLY SDK: Watch a brief overview video!

Our SDK features allow you to

Discover who your customers are, where they go, and when they go there. You’ll collect meaningful audience attributes to understand your customer behaviors.
Translate these insights into actionable consumer experiences. Easily engage and interact with your audiences in real-time with impactful, relevant, customized messaging based on location, behaviors, and specific attributes.
Support end-users’ desires for security, transparency, and control of data shared while rewarding end-users for data sharing through our blockchain-technology.