Our location intelligence let's you be in the mindset of your customers.

We remove the guesswork so your business can always be a step ahead.

Understanding customer behaviors, purchase journeys and preferences is key for businesses to make the right decisions.

Our location analytics and behavioral data reveals an accurate, real-life picture of what your customers want, so you can deliver exactly that to remain competitive and profitable.

Location Intelligence Benefits by Industry


Retailers can leverage their physical footprint to provide the mobile consumer with in-store offer & promotions, increasing sales, boosting revenue and understanding shopper behavior, driving a curated shopping experience.

Dining & QSRs

Restaurants and QSR chains use location data to understand behaviors of customers at each location, understand the foot traffic and dwell times of diners, return frequency of visitors at their own location vs their competition. These insights drive personalized offers, effective loyalty programs, operational efficiencies and overall optimal customer experiences.
Reveal insights that impact operations and customer engagement, know profitability and advantages of each site/branch location. Understand consumer behaviors and preferences to optimize offerings, loyalty programs and relevant partnership opportunities. Also uncover potential fraud and enhance risk management and cybersecurity.
Auto dealerships have proven success using our location targeting to drive foot traffic. Insurance and entertainment companies use our auto shopper audiences to understand consumer path-to-purchase to optimize targeting.


Hotels use our location intelligence to improve guest engagement, higher mobile application adoption and conversion rates, and collective valuable traveler insights, creating the ultimate personal experience.

Stadiums & Venues

LOCALLY is transforming the way guests experience every kind of venue. From large stadiums to intimate events, our context platform gives guests instant access to what they desire while driving higher revenues and in-venue interaction.

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