LOCALLY’s solutions are tailored to benefit your business

Our data-driven approach

Every industry has different needs - consumer attributes, acquisition, retention and communication strategies - and LOCALLY has it covered.

Our location intelligence solutions drive incremental revenue for enterprise organizations across all verticals. Our approach connects physical and digital behaviors, providing the best way of translating consumer behavioral patterns into powerful marketing context, resulting in proven ROI.

Industry Solutions


Retailers can leverage their physical footprint to provide the mobile consumer with in-store offer & promotions, increasing sales, boosting revenue and understanding shopper behavior, driving a curated shopping experience.


Hotel owners can deploy LOCALLY beacons necessary for improved guest engagement, higher mobile application adoption and conversion rates, and collective valuable traveler insights, creating the ultimate personal experience.


IoT sensors feed data, learning travelers interests, behaviors, and personal preferences, driving higher engagement rates while in context, and increasing overall traveler satisfaction.


LOCALLY is transforming the way guests experience every kind of venue. From large stadiums to intimate events, our context platform gives guests instant access to what they desire while driving higher revenues and in-venue interaction.

Smart Waste Management

LOCALLY offers an IoT platform delivering smart waste management solutions that double as a host for wireless technologies (ie WiFi, Bluetooth beacons, small cell, and 5G).
Toss by LOCALLY helps businesses and communities become clean and connected. Our smart “trash cans” detect fill levels, deliver real-time bin status, reduce collection frequency and costs up to 80%. Coupled with LOCALLY’s core offerings, these bins:
Enable relevant push-notifications
Analyze foot traffic to enhance experiences of audiences in-location
Provide additional revenue through advertising

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