Reach exactly who you want, at the precise time with the right message.

LOCALLY Engage is our real-time consumer engagement and custom campaign platform. Deliver location-based in-app messaging and push notifications triggered by beacons, geofences or even WIFI.

Increase app retention and consumer engagement.

Engage consumers in-location, drive foot traffic, send promotions, walk customers from path-to-purchase.
Deliver useful, relevant content at the precise moment to increase attribution and improve mobile app experiences.
Understand consumer traffic patterns and dwell times, improve operational efficiencies, and gain insights about where devices move in the physical world through IoT sensors.

Connect at every stage of your customer's lifecycle.

New customer profiles and preferences indicate what they like, so you can provide in-app suggestions for what they'd love!
Engage with customers based on where they are. Alert them of a nearby flash sale or guide them on in-store pick ups.
Show that you care! Build relationships with birthday alerts and send reminders for appointments & recommendations.
Churn cycles
High churn? Re-engage with a strong incentive notification. Low churn? Keep them engaged with sneak peeks and early access.

Create and deploy custom campaigns in minutes.