LOCALLY Discover


Audience Data and Insights Platform

Drive critical decisions through the most precise, comprehensive quality data. Our LOCALLY Discover data platform provides location intelligence based on real-time location data captured across hundreds of audience segments. Using cloud-based technology and proprietary data science, we transform our data into to actionable and insightful audience behavioral patterns to propel your business needs.
LOCALLY Discover makes it simple for you to access the audiences you need and integrate with your current and ongoing marketing efforts. We provide a variety of audience offerings and formats to fit your specific marketing needs.

Targeted audience segments

We use algorithms based on precise location, demographics, time, engagement metrics, app usage, and various behavioral signals to create pre-built segments that are easily integrated into digital marketing campaigns.
We have over 500 targeted audience segments including:
Auto intenders (segment by type or by 40+ auto brands)
Clothing shoppers (select from 90+ clothing brand stores)
Dining-out enthusiasts (segment by cuisine or by 75+ restaurants)

Custom audience segments

Sometimes you need to reach a much more specific audience, and LOCALLY Discover makes that possible.
Get the exact audience you want using "and/or" filters such as Place Names, Points of Interest, Date & Time Ranges, States / Cities / Counties /Zip Codes, Designated Market Areas and Operating System (iOS or Android).
Young professionals with an income threshold who visit luxury retailers on weekends.
Business travelers at art conferences and conventions in southwestern U.S. states.
Older sports enthusiasts who attend events on weekends.
Build, buy and deploy your specific custom audiences though the LOCALLY Discover Data & Insights platform for use across Facebook & Google.
Access our Targeted Audience Segments through the LOCALLY Discover platform or through our marketplace partners.

How it works

LOCALLY Discover is your gateway to precise audience data and customer behavior insights. Our Data as a Service continuously delivers data to clients on a subscription basis or CPM pricing model.
We gather data from 1000s of IoT sensors, mobile app partners and our proprietary cloud platform.
We continuously profile millions of mobile devices to create targeted audiences based on collected data points over time to ensure the most accurate profiles.
You use this data to create customized audiences for targeted marketing and advertising based on your needs. Data integrates with your current database extensions. (ie Adobe, Oracle)

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