LOCALLY Shows ROI for Auto Dealerships and Expands Auto Audience Segments

LOCALLY Shows ROI for Auto Dealerships and Expands Auto Audience Segments
Location-based marketing is a top area of investment for marketers in 2019.

Location targeting is crucial for certain industries to achieve goals.  Our data marketplace partner, PushSpring, reported that Auto Shoppers are the most used audience in Q1 2019.  As a result, auto dealerships have successfully shown that using location targeting increases foot traffic. Auto dealers, insurance and entertainment companies are in the top categories using Auto Shopper audiences because they need to understand consumer path-to-purchase to optimize targeting.

Agencies, brands and marketers can buy LOCALLY’s audience data to improve ROI, because it provides a clear understanding of the customer journey by connecting online and offline behaviors. We’ve expanded our audiences offerings across branded and behavior-based Auto Intenders because we want to enable even deeper customer segmentation and targeting across the industry. As a result of using location-based audiences, brands are able to increase brand loyalty and show measurable ROAS and ROI.

Our latest location-based audiences for auto intenders include:

  • 50 Brands of Auto Dealerships
  • Electric Charging Stations
  • Car Rental/Car Repair

See our full list of audience segments.  Access and deploy directly through LOCALLY or through our marketplace partners.


Case Study: LOCALLY’s Proven Success Targeting New Auto Buyers 


LOCALLY shows ROI to increase foot traffic with auto dealerships


BMW wanted a measurable solution to increase foot traffic into their dealerships across five states. We helped them with a plan to target consumers at the right time and place to increase on-site visits. This consisted of building custom audience segments based on behaviors ad trends. Then , in partnership with AdParlor, we deployed these audience segments across social media, including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  As a result of location-based targeting, BMW saw results that exceeded their expectations, as LOCALLY’s location targeting increased foot traffic at their locations.  Just as importantly, as they were able to drive new customers through real-time targeted ads, they got a deeper understanding of their targeted audiences


LOCALLY Location Targeting for Auto Intenders

Results: LOCALLY shows location targeting increases foot traffic!

135% increase in first-time buyer foot traffic!

7% CTR on campaign using LOCALLY targeting techniques!

24% of users engaged in campaign visited targeted dealerships!



Experience how our precise, accurate location-based audience segments can help you optimize foot traffic so you reach your targeted audiences with confidence.



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