Location Mattered for LOCALLY in 2018 (and will matter more than ever in 2019)

Location Mattered for LOCALLY in 2018  (and will matter more than ever in 2019)

2018 was a great year for LOCALLY.  In short, we rebranded the company, launched a new website, received award accolades, doubled our team in size, moved headquarters within Irvine, CA, added a new smart IoT branch of the business, launched new products, engaged in new partnerships and propelled our startup momentum in tandem with the University of Michigan’s MBA program to drive operational mentorship in the entrepreneurial community.  Wow!

In case you missed it, LOCALLY, formerly Digital2Go Media Networks, rebranded to its current identity in November 2018.  This rebrand is a reflection of our foundation in location intelligence and appropriately fits our focus on powerful, precise location resolution. Read the full recap here.

New LOCALLY HQ office under construction in Irvine, CA

Our Team:

The LOCALLY team expanded bringing on an impressive bunch of talent across data science, development, sales, marketing and product management. Check out our LinkedIn page and say hello!  

Accolades & Associations:

Though our footprint started out smaller, our impact didn’t go unnoticed. We were nominated as a finalist for the Best Tech Startup in Orange County (as former company name, Digital2Go) through the Tech in Motion TIMMY awards! This was a huge accomplishment to be one of few nominees in such a tech hub! Thank you, Tech in Motion!

We also joined the Local Search Association (LSA) and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and hope to see you at upcoming events in 2019.


Teaming with University of Michigan’s Venture Capitalist Program:

One of our most rewarding experiences was having LOCALLY selected as one of the participating companies in the Financing Research Commercialization class at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. This finance-based class offers a unique opportunity for Ross School MBA, BBA and UM graduate students to work with mentors and emerging, fast-growth startup companies to help them advance to the “next mile” of funding. 

University of Michigan’s Financing Technology Class pictured with local mentors (left) and LOCALLY Chief Product Officer, Mike Vartanian (right)

A team of 6 University of Michigan graduate students, 2 local mentors and 2 adjunct mentors worked with LOCALLY execs for the duration of the 2018 fall term gaining understanding of our strategies and funding history to develop a business and financing plan.  This mutually-beneficial project exposes the startup team to the “venture capital point of view” while being both developmental and judgmental.

The semester wrapped up with the students doing a formal pitch to a VC mentor team mid-term and a final pitch at term’s end.  Participation offers VCs an early look at the projects, the entrepreneurs driving them, and the UM students involved in the startup process.  All participants benefit from the networking value created by the collaboration involved on real entrepreneurial projects in a university setting.

LOCALLY’s Chief Product Officer, Mike Vartanian, has been mentoring this finance program class for 11 years, and found significant value for both the students and LOCALLY. “It’s a great experience, and the more we put into it, the more we and the students benefit. They learn how to pitch to VCs while helping startups with projects consistent with their growth plans.”

The LOCALLY team was honored to work with the students and help them on the journey to start-up success!

A huge thanks to all who helped make 2018 a fantastic year for LOCALLY.  And remember, we’re here to help you!

Whether your an agency, brand, marketer, business or app publisher, LOCALLY’s top-notch location intelligence solutions give you the precise path to reach your target audience at the right time and place with the right message. Location Matters more than ever in 2019!

Learn how LOCALLY can help your marketing ROI at www.locally.io.



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