Location Intelligence for Banks & Financial Services

Why financial services companies need Location Intelligence now, more than ever.

Banks and financial institutions face increased regulation, disruption from new technology and increased expectations of consumers.

This changing landscape means a decline in traditional in-branch transactions while mobile self-service is on the rise.

By leveraging Location Intelligence, banks have the necessary information to stay relevant, competitive and profitable during the rapidly changing financial services landscape.

LOCALLY’s Location Intelligence drives profitability for banks by addressing key areas that impact customer experience.

Site Optimization

Know the profitability and advantages of each site location, including which locations to close, where to locate new ones and which services to offer at each site. Measure reach of branches, identify gaps and and redundancies in networks while getting insights to drive staffing, sales and profitability decisions.

Measurement & Attribution

Do your consumers visit your branch after seeing an ad? Location intelligence closes the online to offline attribution gap by monitoring the mobile devices of people who visit your location, allowing accurate measure of campaign effectiveness.

Loyalty Management

Understand relative share of wallet, competitor visits and loyalty ratings to optimize cross-channel user engagement. Offer loyalty programs that resonate with your customers and retain them.

Competitive Insights

Monitor foot traffic patterns and loyalty levels at your competition. Identify new prospective customers or win back former customers and deliver more personalized services to retain current customers.

Consumer Behavior

Understand the trends and patterns of your consumers. Knowing more about your customer (where they shop, where else they frequently visit) allows for more tailored communications and offerings.

Partnership Opportunities

Knowing what other brands your consumers interact with allows you to build stronger, mutually-beneficial partnerships and build a more loyal following.

Offerings & Services Optimization

Banks need to optimize offerings and services across all digital and physical touch points. Location intelligence provides insights on how to prioritize their services and direct those of lower value to lower-cost channels (ie digital/mobile).

Risk Management & Cybersecurity

Geofences can be used to identify behavioral patterns that detect outliers and define segments of potentially fraudulent groups. Intelligent, timely actionable information helps prevent malicious practices.
How LOCALLY's Location Intelligence helped a global bank improve customer relationships:
Analyzed indoor and outdoor foot-traffic to reveal insights that impacted operations and customer engagement decisions.
Enabled real-time customer engagement based on exit/entry at each location.
Provided additional security for ATM users at each location.