LOCALLY Launches 500+ Branded Audiences for Retail, QSRs, Casual Dining and Auto

LOCALLY Launches 500+ Branded Audiences for Retail, QSRs, Casual Dining and Auto

Data is THE game changer for advertising and marketing ROI. 98% of marketers agree that personalization is critical to customer relationships, however only 12% of brand marketers are content with their campaign performances.* Location data helps brands and marketers improve ROI because it provides a clear understanding of the customer journey by connecting online and offline behaviors.

As a result of using location data in a campaign against one that didn’t, a Forrester study saw the following:

  • Profits improved by $2.5M over the course of 3 years when location data was used
  • Targeting optimization using location-data dropped ad costs 47% and lifted sales 15%*


Here’s how LOCALLY’s location data can help:


1. Boost ad performance.

Location data boosts ROAS because it allows marketers to target the right people. Audiences are built on historical patterns and real time behavior. Therefore, marketers can customize and scale audiences to ensure they’re sending the right message at the right time.

2. Drive Better foot traffic.

Clothing , shoe brands, quick-serve restaurants and fast-casual chains all stand to benefit because they can reach target customers in location. When they turn to location-powered ads, they’ll see better foot traffic and ROI increase.

3. Connect cross channel marketing.

Real world signals can target people on traditional TV/OOH channels, and therefore optimize creative/campaign ads to drive foot traffic to retail stores.


About our Audiences

launched over 500 new branded segments in Q2 2019 targeting auto, clothing & shoe brands, QSRs and fast-casual chains to help drive better foot traffic and improve ROI. Adding these ready-to-use audience segments allows marketers to fine-tune their data according to their objectives. As a result of offering more targeted branded segments, marketers can reach their audience at scale without losing context or relevance. 

The latest branded audience segments include:

  • Auto intenders (segment by type or by 40+ auto brands)
  • Clothing shoppers (select from 90+ clothing brand stores)
  • Dining-out enthusiasts (segment by cuisine or by 75+ restaurants)

Agencies, brands and marketers can now access these segments at the PushSpring Audience Marketplace, the LiveRamp IdentityLink™ Data Store.  You can also come directly through LOCALLY to build custom audiences. 

LOCALLY Location Data for ROI on PushSpring

LOCALLY Location Data for ROI on LiveRamp

LOCALLY Location Data for ROI


Why Choose LOCALLY Audiences

LOCALLY’s audience segments are derived from collecting billions of data signals through thousands of IoT sensors. We gather and resolve data through mobile SDK’s, geofencing, Bluetooth beacons, WiFi access points, and other online and offline sources. Our process captures accurate location resolution, demographics, time, human movement, engagement metrics, app usage, and various behavioral signals, therefore ensuring accurate, quality and privacy-compliant audiences.  We use proprietary data science to cleanse, verify and resolve that data, resulting in the highest quality location-based behavioral segments

Learn more about how LOCALLY’s privacy-compliant audience & data insights can benefit your business.

Location Is an Underused Data Layer for Brands Seeking Better ROI



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