How does David take on Goliath(s) in Mobile Advertising?

How does David take on Goliath(s) in Mobile Advertising?

Data of course…..mixed with location intelligence, context, proximity information…….and a slingshot.

Our own CEO, Mike Canevaro, was featured this week on a weekly podcast with Tematica Research where the topics ranged from mobile advertising, to rate hikes by the Fed, and even plastic surgery in Korea!  While Facebook and Google dominate the ad spend on Mobile – close to 90% by all accounts – tailoring that ad spend by using location data, audience targeting, and proximity device data is taking a foot hold.  In a recent ad campaign across social channels, one of our customers saw CTR’s jump some 1600%, onsite visits climb 135% and an overall response rate of 7% by using our hyper-targeted mobile audience data derived from proximity sensors and location data collection.

More on that in our next post, but for now, click over to Business Insider and take a read – or a listen – to learn more.

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