Developer FAQs

About Receiving Locally Campaign Content

I've registered for Locally. What do I do now to start getting content?
Once you've registered, you'll need to:
1. Setup content.
2. Setup a campaign to deliver the content.
No content has been delivered. What should I check?
Here are some possible reasons content hasn't been delivered:

* The campaign might not be in schedule
* The campaign might be inactive
* You might have selected to restrict content by demographics but no matching demographics are in the data
* The content was assigned to a different proximity than what was tested (e.g. the campaign triggers -- i.e. beacons and/or geofences -- were incorrectly configured

To troubleshoot, download our demo app, login with your username and password, and then use the debug console to see exactly what notifications you’re getting for each of your campaigns.

About Access Permissions

What permission are required for my app to work with Locally?
For both Android and iOS apps, the EngageSDK requests access to:
1. Internet
2. Bluetooth
3. Location Services
Location Services: Will my app need access to them all the time, or only when it is in use?
Your app will need access to Location Services all the time (known as "Always Authorization" in iOS).
For iOS, this requirement is due to restrictions that prevent the monitoring of Beacon and Geofence regions with any other authorization level.

If Location Services are disabled, the EngageSDK will request access to them so that it can function properly.